a baby bump

i have been anxiously awaiting the photos from our maternity session we took back in december.  when they came in the mail yesterday, i couldn't wait another minute to post them.  it feels like that stage was so long ago and looking back at the photographs, it is hard to believe i was that big!  although i'm sure it had a lot to do with the fact that i was pushing my belly out in each picture to make sure it photographed well.  evelyn managed to hide herself well inside of me and because of that, i never really felt uncomfortably large throughout my pregnancy.  even so, i much prefer my little bug on the outside.

i have come to conclude that nice round pregnant bellies are the stuff of legends as mine always seemed to be lopsided.  this maternity session was no exception.  but somehow, that misshapen belly turned out to be the best kind of belly.  there is nothing better than a little bum poking out of your side while you are falling asleep or the distinctive roll across your stomach as your dog decides to use you as a pillow.  the symmetry might make it photogenic, but the lumps and bumps are what make it come to life.

Photos take by Deshi

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