five months, five months

today i woke up and peered over at my five month old.  i have been waiting for this age since she was born.  not because of her age, per say, but because it represents the end of my first school year and the beginning of time for just her and me.  how glorious to work in a school system.  and evelyn is just as magical as i dreamt she would be at this age.  she loves to laugh, smile at everyone, play with her toys, play airplane baby, roll over, and kick her legs until the sun goes down.  she started this thing in the past month where she will grab my face, pull it in close to hers, and give me a big open mouth kiss.  i'm sure it is the most adorable thing in the entire world.  we took her in for her four month appointment last week {we are a tad bit behind schedule} and found out she is fourteen pounds {34th percentile} and twenty-five and a half inches long {75th percentile}.  each month i have taken a picture of evelyn with her friend suzette.  i have not been very consistent with posting said pictures, so i will include them in this post so you can see just how tall she is actually getting. it was also confirmed that small heads are genetic as she remains in the first percentile for that category.  and in other news, evelyn's garden has been planted.  we are hoping for great success as she simply cannot wait to start eating food like her mama and daddy.  

six weeks

two months

three months

four months

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