fifteen months

i couldn’t resist taking the opportunity to share a few pictures of my fifteen month old.  this little girl can be sweet, loud, talkative, cuddly, bossy, and silly all within mere seconds.  she keeps us on our toes!  the way she talks is the best and she is getting used to using her words to make requests instead of grunting/whining/pointing.  my favorite word of hers right now is when she tells boston “no, no, no” and wags her little finger at him.  apparently we must tell him that a lot?  i doubt it will be as cute when she is older.  she was so ready for spring to arrive and has been soaking it all in.  the warm days have brought many trips to the park, chasing boston around the yard, and riding in the tractor with daddy.  her favorite time of day still seems to be when daddy comes home.  she spends his entire lunch hour giving him little squinty-eyed giggles that only seem to make an appearance for him.  she loves her new room, but her little reading corner is probably her favorite.  she could read books all day!  sometimes she prefers reading on her own, other times she requests to sit on my lap.  it is fun to see this passion developing in her!

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