evelyn's room


after evelyn's first birthday, we decided it was high time to move her out of our bedroom.  we were reluctant to give up our office/guest room, especially with such a large master bedroom.  after a couple months of poor sleeping, however, we took the plunge and it has been great.  we filled it right away with her favorite things-a teepee, books, and stuffed animals-which helped her feel right at home.  i purchased her quilt first and used it as an inspiration for the colors in her room, even though she isn't able to use it quite yet.  since kid's toys tend to be bright and colorful, i kept the rest of the room really light and neutral.  the walls are painted simply white by benjamin moore.  i have the hardest time picking paint colors, but after finding this one i am in love and want to cover my whole house in it.  it is the perfect white.  

while putting her room together, my parents came across my old rocking chair my uncle had made when i was little.  it was fun to incorporate it into her reading nook along with a fun rug for some color.  the picture ledges as bookshelves was an idea i had seen floating around the internets and knew they had to be included in evelyn's room.  for a month straight, every time she walked into her room she would stop and say, "ooooh, books!".  i think it's safe to say she loves it too.  

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