new england

last week, cody, evelyn and i took a trip to the new england area.  it has been a place i have been wanting to visit for a long time and now seemed like a great time.  it was just as beautiful as i pictured and although traveling with a toddler isn't always relaxing, it was a fun getaway for our growing family. 

evelyn finally showed an appreciation for the ocean and couldn't get enough of the sand and water throughout the trip.

"oh, that was cold!"

we packed light and weren't able to bring any beach toys with, but a wonderful family gave evelyn a little shovel.  she could have sat there shoveling for hours!

my babies and i loved finding all the lighthouses; this was my favorite one in portland, maine.

the beach in nantucket was covered in seashells.  my job involved keeping all of said seashells safe.

she was super thrilled about posing in front of the mayflower II.

we started our trip in maine, staying right on the ocean at old orchard beach.  it was a beautiful, but very busy, beach.  evelyn's favorite part was eating breakfast on our patio and watching all the people {and bostons and babies} walk by on their way to the beach.  we took a day to drive around maine and ended up at a state park where we did some hiking.  i started with evelyn in our baby carrier since she just wanted to be held most of the trip, but it didn't take long for her to want to hike herself.  she did such a good job maneuvering all the hills and rocks and trees.  we were impressed and definitely need to take her hiking again!  after staying a few days in maine, we drove down to cape cod where we stayed the rest of our trip.  we took a ferry to nantucket for a day and rented bikes to cruise around the island and find a good beach.  on our last day, cody suggested stopping at plymouth rock where we were able to take a tour of a replica of the mayflower.  it was very interesting and we were all glad we stopped.

i put together another little video of our trip.  enjoy! 

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