when i was pregnant with hazel, we did everything we could to prepare evelyn for being a big sister.  we read her big sister books, talked to my belly, and tried our best to explain to her what was coming.  but nothing could fully prepare me for having two kids under two.  i tried keeping my expectations for evelyn low as she transitioned from being an only child and in doing so completely underestimated her.  she has responded to this big adjustment better than i could have ever imagined and it melts my heart daily.  she calls her sister baby hazel and always makes sure she has a blankie and her stuffed baby.  she is the first thing she looks for when she wakes up and quickly requests to "hold you baby?".  she loves petting her face and giving her kisses.  when hazel joins in on our bedtime routine, evelyn always requests to hold her hand instead of mine during our prayers.  there has yet to be any jealousy, and although i know that won't always be the case, i love watching their bond and can't wait to watch their friendship grow.

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