Fall Hikes

a couple months ago, the girls and i made an autumn bucket list in order to squeeze in every fall activity possible.  one of the items on our list was taking a fall hike.  i hadn't been to the park in redwood falls in a few years and figured fall would be the perfect time.  we enjoyed a picnic, playing in the park, visiting the little zoo, and taking turns carrying kids through the trails.  i brought a carrier for my 17 pound child; but in hindsight, it probably should have been for my 24 pound child who kept insisting that her legs were tired, haha!  she did find a rock on the way back, which kept her occupied and walking as it was her "baby" and she had so many things to show her.

i love how they are standing the same way :)


collecting sticks to throw into the waterfall

thanks for coming with auntie nicole and for some of the photos!

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