let's get organized, organized

i started off the year with the resolution of being more organized.  it went pretty well.  i made a mail organizer and laundry sorter to jump start the resolution.  i then took february to october off.  i didn't want to get too carried away or anything.  so for november, i chose to wrap up this highly successful resolution by organizing my closet.

eek.  it was bad.  so bad.  so i marched my butt right to menards and bought a prepackaged closet kit for 4-8 foot closets.  mine measures 6.5 feet, so cody had to cut one of the pieces down.  it was pretty painless for me to install.  maybe because i just sat there and watched cody do most of it.  i did put the entire shelving piece in the middle together though.  i also took this opportunity to load up two full bags  of clothes to be donated.  felt so good, especially when i look at that picture up there and see clothes i haven't touched in years.

i have long hanging storage on the other side, which you cannot see because the closet doors are only like half the size of the closet.  good thing i don't wear dresses too often.  closet systems are a really easy solution for a lack of closets {which we have!}.  i doubled my storage space with a few andrew jacksons and a night in with the hubs.

side note:  i ran out of storage to upload photos onto my blog!  so forgive my lack of blogging, i am trying to figure out how to fix this little issue and in the meantime trying to work around it.

another side note:  yep, just noticed that bra in the messy closet.  let's just pretend we didn't see that, okay?  thanks!

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